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Converting POF file to SVF file


Hello Team,


I have a POF file for programming MAX 10 IC(10M04SCU169A7G).

We need SVF file to do in-system programming .

I tried to use Quartus II 15.0 Programmer to convert POF file.

But I check in-system programming(IEEE1532) result , nothing wrong in programming but fail in verifying.

To make sure the POF file is correct , I use Usb blaster to perform programming , all pass and the product is working well.

It means that there is no issue with the POF file

I suspect the SVF file I converted is not correct.

Is there other way to convert it to SVF file?



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“We need SVF file to do in-system programming .”

For in System Programming refer the “In-System Programming” from the following configuration user guide,

Are you using Third-party programming tool?

.jam, .jbc, or .svf file these are third party programming files.

This might help you,


Best Regards

Vikas Jathar

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