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Could not access Modelsim in Simulation Library Compiler


Hi. I have a VHDL design that includes a few IPs and I want to simulate my design using Modelsim 10.5. So in order to compile the libraries, I am using the Simulation Library Compiler feature of the Quartus Prime Pro software ( I specified the location of the Modelsim executable in the settings tab (please see attachment 1). But when I tried to compile the libraries I am getting an error stating that license environment of Modelsim is invalid. This is unexpected since I have a working license for Modelsim and I am able to access Modelsim otherwise. Any suggestions or pointers as to how to solve this issue would be very helpful. I will be glad to provide any additional information on this! Thanks in advance!

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There's a note there about the license file environment variable. Is that set up correctly? And what's your license setup for Quartus?



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Welcome to INTEL forum. Could you help re-confirm your license setup again? You need to set your LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to the license that Intel provide. c:\intel\license.dat or something similar.

2nd could you also ensure the port number. The port number is required for Windows systems and it should be outside of the 27000-28000 range and be unique on the machine. For example, 1800.

Please stop and restart the server after assigning port number. You need to allow the firewall access to the port number from both server and client machine. refer this to your license server admin


You can refer to link on how to set environment variable.   


You can also refer to the link below on Starting and Stopping the License Server  

Refer this following youtube for license setup.     


Hope this helps.

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