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Creating a NIOS and BSP application that relies on a sopcinfo file maps some of the IRQs in the system.h file to -1, even though they are mapped in the sopcinfo file well



I'm trying to create a NIOS and BSP application from template, I load there my QSYS sopc info file, and I got mapping of (-1) to some of the IRQs on the system.h file. for example mailboxes IRQs. On the sopcinfo file they are mapped well

I have an old SOPC info of the previous version, there it maps the IRQs well on the system.h file.

When I compared some of the IRQs that same from the previous version, like mailboxes IRQs on the SOPCINFO files, I didn't see any different.

I attached the 2 sopcinfo, the relevant lines from the last version: 148591 -148607.

The relevant lines from the previous version: 124124 - 124138.

I attached also the QSYS, my top level qsys is evb3022_qsys.






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