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Custom IP Core Catalog



a colleague of mine started in our company with a project where the customer supplied a board with a X-FPGA, so he only knows those and the X-Design Tools. Now, for the next project, he'll have to switch to Quartus and A-FPGAs, which is what we're using in all our other products. He looked into Quartus and one of the first things he did ask me was this: how can I make (package) my own IP cores to add them to my repository of IP cores. I had no idea what to tell him. So I googled and only found one other way, apart from just copying and adding the source files of your own cores to your project, which is to export a design partition and import it into another design partition (which is very clumsy IMHO). So unless I totally overlooked a really great feature somewhere, is there any way to create your own IP repository that you access in all your projects? I mean, one can create BSFs or component files out of source files, which are then available in your project. But is it possible to just throw those in a folder structure and make those available by adding a path to your project? 


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