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DDR3 memory controller



Quartus version: 18.1

When I include ddr3 controller IP in my design and compiler . I got some error information below:

332000 ERROR: Argument <node_object> is an object filter that matches no objects. Specify one matches only one object.

while executing

"get_node_info -cell $node_id"

  (procedure "mem_ip_0319_p0_is_node_type_pll_clk" line 2)

  invoked from within

"mem_ip_0319_p0_is_node_type_pll_clk $pll_output_node_id"

(procedure "mem_ip_0319_p0_get_input_clk_id" line 2)

  invoked from within

"mem_ip_0319_p0_get_input_clk_id $pll_ck_clock_id"

(procedure "mem_ip_0319_p0_get_ddr_pins" line 257)

  invoked from within

"mem_ip_0319_p0_get_ddr_pins $instname allpins"

(procedure "mem_ip_0319_p0_initialize_ddr_db" line 13)

  invoked from within

"mem_ip_0319_p0_initialize_ddr_db mem_ip_0319_p0_ddr_db"

  invoked from within

"if { ! [ info exists mem_ip_0319_p0_sdc_cache] } {

  set mem_ip_0319_p0_sdc_cache 1

  mem_ip_0319_p0_initialize_ddr_db mem_ip_0319_p0_ddr_db



    (file "mem_ip_0319/mem_ip_0319/mem_ip_0319_p0.sdc" line 146)

174068 Output buffer atom "<ip_node>" has port "SERIESTERMINATIONCONTROL[0]" connected, but does not use calibrated on-chip ...


so I google it.

I try to source tcl file (ip_name_p0_pin_assignments.tcl)

but I got same error like below link.


How can I fix it. Thanks for help !! 



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At first,I tried to instance 4 ddr memory controller. It cannot work like I posted before. So I tried to just instance one ddr3 memory controller. And I source XXX0_pin_assignment.tcl and compiler again. It will be OK. No any error appear until the end. So I decide to use GUI to produce 2 ddr3 memory controller again. And   I source XXX0_pin_assignment.tcl ,  XXX1_pin_assignment.tcl. But when I source the second tcl(XXX1_pin_assignment.tcl). It appear error like before. Am I wrong?  Thanks for help.