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DE10-Nano GHRD failure to generate

Honored Contributor II

Hi All 


I'm trying to recompile the standard GHRD for the Terasic De10-Nano Cyclone V SoC Board, and following the instructions (User Manual chapter 7) very carefully, it fails with a great number of errors (and four warnings), the first one a complaint about a missing file hps_AC_ROM.hex. This file does exist, in the soc_system/synthesis/submodules/ directory. 


Has anyone met this? Or can give any useful pointer for what to try? 


The source is from Terasic's DE10-Nano CD-ROM v 1.2.3 (but the versions of this CD do the same thing). 


To repeat the error: 


  1. Make a copy of the source: cp -Rp cdrom/Demonstrations/SoC_FPGA/DE10_NANO_SoC_GHRD GHRDx  

  2. cd GHRDx  

  3. Run quartus  

  4. open project DE10_NANO_SoC_GHRD.qpf  

  5. Tools > qsys and open soc_system.qsys  

  6. generate > generate hdl, (defaults for form: Verilog, no third-party, yes create block, sim model none, output dir ./soc_system)  




The generate hdl command fails with errors, the first of which isError: border: Error during execution of script generate_hps_sdram.tcl: seq: add_fileset_file: No such file /tmp/alt7540_4530398708016069914.dir/0003_seq_gen/hps_AC_ROM.hex 



The compilation environment is a newly-configured Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server with$ quartus_sh --version 

Quartus Prime Shell 

Version 16.0.0 Build 211 04/27/2016 SJ Lite Edition 



I tried it with 17.0 and got the same result: but 16.0 is what the manual says you need, and is what the source was made with. 


I've managed to compile the simpler, non-Qsys examples and run them, but I've spent about five days getting nowhere with this. 


Many thanks for any help and suggestions, 

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Honored Contributor II

I managed to solve it ... 


Guessing a missing dependency of some kind, strace and fgrep ENOENT eventually gave the clues. 


Quartus requires "make", but they don't tell you in the documentation. 


There is also a bug, in that Quartus continues after failing to find "make", or if make returns non-zero exit status. Bug reports filed with Altera, we shall see how they respond. 


In the example, the calling process which expected to find hps_AC_ROM.hex makes a spurious error. 

(Make was supposed to get it from ./soc_system/synthesis/submodules/hps_AC_ROM.hex) 


The fix is trivial 

sudo apt-get install make  


The bug exists in 16.0, 16.1, 17.0, 17.1 and I'd guess all previous. 


Oh for shame! 


In solving this I made installation scripts, happy to share if there's any demand.