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DE2-115 Board shorting out from GPIO power connection

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I was attempting to connect a DE0-Nano to my DE2-115 through the GPIO ports. However, when I did so I mistakenly connected the power pins on both boards to the ground pins on both boards. When this happened I got a warning on my desktop the an unknown USB device was drawing too much power and the DE0 and the DE2 boards both shut off. Since then I have been able to power up my DE0 board but I have not been able to power up the DE2. I never smelled anything burning and the DE2 never got hot but I believe that I burned out the DE2 due to the fact that I cant get it to turn on at all. Is there something else that could have happened that I can investigate? I thought that there is a safety circuit between the GPIO port and the FPGA to prevent this.


Thank you in advance.

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