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Display of different characters on the 7 segment display

Hi, please I am a beginner in Verilog and Altera FPGAs and I want to implement a lab on FPGA based PID controllers for DC Motor position control. 

Please I want to be able to display the P and I gains (both are 4 bits wide)as it is varied from switches, to display the value of the final error which is 8 bit and then to display the value of angle as gotten from quadrature encoder. The other parts of the Verilog code are ready, it only remains to display those parameters on 7 segment displays. Please, how do I write codes that will display the parameters independently? I can supply the other codes on request. 


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while I'm not into Verilog (doing VHDL), I think the basic approach is identical...  

You need to have some "lookup" to define which segments need to be activated depending on the number to be shown. 

In VHDL this might be a  

case seg1 is  

when "1" => "0000110"  

when "2" => "1011011" 



The "problem" is a direct conversion of the byte of the number to the seven segement will show the values as hexadecimals... Otherwise - if e.g. "13" should be "1" "3" and not "0" "D" you first have to convert hexadecimals to binary coded decimals...