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Do I need Windows 10 driver for the Quartus USB dongle?


I have Quartus license which is associated with a USB dongle. It seems to be working with Windows7 OS. When I try to move the USB dongle to the new Desktop which has Windows10 OS. The Quartus 11.1sp2 does not pick up the license file from the USB dongle. I am wondering if there is driver that needs to be installed to detect the USB dongle on the Windows10 desktop.

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Hi Kumar, 


The 'Quartus II Web Edition v11.1 Service Pack 2' doesn't support under Window 10, but only up to Window 7. 

Kindly refer the below link (Table 2: Release Notes and readme.txt Files)


Kindly, upgrade your Quartus to the latest version 16.0 which is the first software that is officially supported on Windows 10 64bit.

Which device are you using? 

Thank you. 



Hi! Calvin,


I am not using the web edition of the software. I have a USB dongle which is for the paid license for Quartus. I was using Qii11.2Sp2 on Windows 7 machine. The OS on the machine was upgraded to Windows 10 and with that, I am not able to use Qii11.2 Sp2.

The Quartus program (11.2sp2) has no issue being installed on Windows 10 machine. However, the Quartus is not detecting the USB dongle "software guard ID not found" in the license setup option.


I am using StratixII device. Dongle is needed because of the NIOS and PCIe IP core.






Hi Kumar, 


StratixII are mature devices supported up to Quartus 13.Osp1 which is still not supported on Window 10.

Check here:


I think you have two choices :

  1. Scrap the old board and buy new board with devices supported by Quartus Prime, which now officially supports Windows 10 as of v16.0. 
  2. Downgrade to Windows 7 (have full disk image backups ) for as long as you want to continue to run old versions of Quartus II. 


T-Guard / Dongle licenses work correctly on supported Operating Systems and compilation will be unaffected, this problem is with the license setup menu GUI only.  

The supported operating systems are listed at the end of this solution.

Kindly check the link below.


Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Thank you.