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Does Quartus (13.1) synthesizer supports configurations ?



The question is in the title.  

My impression is that the answer is "no", but i would like to have a confirmation. 


In file mul.vhd, i have one entity (mul8) and two architectures (rtl1 and rtl2). 

Whatever i write in the top level file ... 

* direct architecture selection : M:entity work.mul(rtl1) port map(..); 

* single line configuration : for M: mul8 use entity work.mul8(rtl1); 

* distinct, top-level configuration unit : configuration top_conf of top is for arch for T: mul8 use entity work.mul8(rtl1); 

end for;end for; end configuration; 

.. the synthesizer systematically uses the last architecture defined in mul.vhd (rtl2 in my case) :( 


Any help or clue appreciated 


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Have you tried separating the two architectures into two files? 

Configurations are not something you see people use very often. Usually people make entities with generics and use generics/generates to control what actually goes into the modules. 

But configurations should work, although I note this issue from 2012: 


Configurations have been around a long time, so should work. But alas - I never use them, so cannot test for you. 

Have you tried a newer version?
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No, did not try. Will do it (although this approach, in my particular case, is not really appropriate since my goal is to keep several "small" architectures in the same file). 

I have already read the provided link. Not clear, however, if this applies to single level configuration (apparently, yes :(). 

Another approach would be to try a newer version. I've tried to install Quartus 16 but it's too big for my VM system :( 

Thx for your feedback anyway. Will report if i find a solution.