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Does Quartus's integrated synthesisor actually support modport in interface of SV?

I have read Quartus Help, and it says the Modports in interface is not supported. but when synthesizing designs that contains modport, the Quartus does not report any error or warning for it.  

In my design I used modport in some interface, when synthesizing it the quartus_map.exe crashes at elaborating step, without any error or warning message about modport. But while synthesizing a submodule in it which used modport, it just complete synthesizing successfully. So I can't determine if modport make quartus_map.exe crash. Could anyone tell me? 


BTW: I'm using Quartus Prime v16.0.2.222, in windows 7 64bit
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If it's crashing, the only people that can tell you whats causing the crash is Altera, you raise a ticket via mysupport on the altera web site. 

But if it says modport is not supported, I would suspect its something to do with that.
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