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Downloading ELF Process failed when executing from flash

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I am using Eclipse to program my Nios on a Max10 FPGA. When I run the Nios code from the RAM everything works fine. Now I changed everything so that the code would execute directly from the flash (on-chip). I set all settings as described here: 

I used Option 1a 


Now if I try to run/debug the code directly out of Eclipse I get "Downloading ELF Process failed". 


Console says: 


--- Quote Start ---  

Using cable "USB-BlasterII [USB-1]", device 1, instance 0x00 

Processor is already paused 

Reading System ID at address 0x00481028: verified 

Initializing CPU cache (if present) 



Downloading 00200000 ( 0%) 

Downloading 00210000 (70%) 

Downloaded 92KB in 0.1s  


Verifying 00200000 ( 0%) 

Verify failed between address 0x200000 and 0x20FFFF 

Leaving target processor paused 

--- Quote End ---  



Attached is my setup. 


I programmed the Nios code with a *.pof to the device and this also works fine. 

Is it even possible to run/debug code directly from Eclipse? 


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Usually that would be due to missing timing constraints, but I see you are connected to on-chip rather than off-chip flash.  


I it seems you assigned the memory region in the BSP editor, but did you change the physical wiring in Qsys to allow Nios II instruction/data master to access the on-chip flash? (I can't see the Qsys diagram...resolution too small...)
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I have the same problem, everything go right when I program via Quartus Programmer in pof.

I can run it from SBT, but if I change something in my C Code, I have to rebuild pof, program UFM and then I can launch it from SBT Run "NiosII hardware".

Seems that SBT can have access to UFM in write mode.


did you have an ansewer from Intel?



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