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Effect of ADV2011

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Hi, I got this ADV2011 (, stating "Intel® is announcing the discontinuance of all older versions of Intel® Quartus® II software Subscription Edition and Intel Quartus II software Web Edition released from 2002 through 2013 (except Intel Quartus II software Subscription / Lite Edition versions 13.1.4 and 13.0 SP1, which will remain available)."

Thus any old design with e.g. Cylcone devices will no longer be maintainable if you don't get your copy of required QII downloaded in time? Does - sorry for that question, I'm just wondering - intel require the GB occupied by the files on intel's file servers?

Additionally - if I'm interpreting this as intended by intel - if you have very old designs (e.g. Cylone based) you're out of the game on 27th June (removal date is 26th June)? For CycloneII designs, you have to buy a subscription of 13.0 SP1 or 13.1.4 if you need to change/update stuff (as Free Edition is removed as well)?

I'm not really happy with this, as gives me a feeling that intel might also discontinue e.g. all Cyclone II near future (no tool / no need for devices?)

I'd be happy if someone might correct me - we are using ALTERA since 20years and were very happy with the product policy and support up to now ;-)

Kind regards and keep healthy


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The objective of removing the older software version from the web are two:

1) To ensure that our customers have access to the most secure software (This is from a network security point of view).

2) To encourage customers to choose newer releases which have the latest functional and security upgrades.


This does not correspond or have any relationship with our devices discontinuance. The device discontinuance is handled differently based on a separate criteria. For more information on this, it is best to contact your Sales representative where you are purchasing the devices from.


What we do here also does not have any relationship with trying to saving space for the files as well. The move is driven by the 2 reasons mentioned above.


To answer your questions:

1) Lite/Web/Free/Standard 13.0 SP1 or 13.1.4 versions will be available for download.

2) If you are using the 13.0 and older versions, you may continue to use this software version BUT you will not receive any support should you encounter any issues. Any issues support will require 13.0 SP1/13.1.4 or newer versions.


We are very happy with your support all these years and we look forward to have your support going forward. Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks.

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