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Error (209040): Can't access JTAG chain >>> MAX 10 FPGA Development Kit Board

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I have some problem while using MAX 10 FPGA Development Kit Board. 

In Programmer Window , Updata .sof file, failed: 

Error (209040): Can't access JTAG chain 

Error (209012): Operation failed  

but in SignalTap II Logic Analyzer window, it can execute succeed. 



What problem! 

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Are you using the USB blaster J12 plug (the one next to the 2x10 pin header (J20)? This is the USB blaster port and not the next one. Make sure the USB cable is plugged into this one. This J12 port is the embedded USB blaster port. Use the HArdware setup option to check if the programmer can detect the board and cable. If successful, you should see the device in the JTAG chain. You can select it and change the file to be programmed.