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Error Downloading QuartusII v13.1, server stops at 100MBs


I am trying to download QuartusII v13.1 to open a project created for this version to convert to v20.1. However, there seems to be an issue on Intel's server that stops or times out the download at 100 MB. I verified with my IT that it is not on my end. Any advice?

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I am able to successfully download the Quartus II Subscription Edition 13.0sp1.

Here's are some advice that you can try: 

1. Try using Chrome incognito mode. If it works, disable the extensions temporarily (you could use chrome://extensions/ on the Chrome address bar) and re-enable them one at a time to determine which extension is misbehaving.
2. Clear cookies in Chrome or your preferred browser
3. Switch browsers or computers.
4. Reset/using other internet networks. 

Hope it helps.