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Error: interrupt is not connected for JTAG in Nios II

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I am new babie to Altera Quartus. To get familiar with the tool, initially i have started to execute "Hello World" in NIOS II through Youtube tutorial. But I am getting this error when building a Nios II project.  


alt_sys_init.c:(.text+0x8): warning: Error: Interrupt not connected for JTAG_UART. You have selected the interrupt driven version of the ALTERA Avalon JTAG UART driver, but the interrupt is not connected for this device. You can select a polled mode driver by checking the 'small driver' option in the HAL configuration window, or by using the -DALTERA_AVALON_JTAG_UART_SMALL preprocessor flag. 


Please help me to fix it. I am using Quartus II 14.1 (64-bit) Web edition.
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Assuming you have assigned interrupt number in qys design. 

Clean the project and regenerate BSP and check once. 


Delete the software folder and create again. 


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Anand Raj Shankar 

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