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Error when generating JESD204B Design EXample

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Hi all, 



I'm new on using Intel JESD204B IP Core, and Quartus II version I've tried is 16.1, 17.0 and 17.1. 



Since it's my first time trying to implementing the JESD204B IP-Core, I'm directly follow the Intel FPGA JESD204B Design Example step-by-step. But I couldn't get the desired output files as the user guide instructs. 

**Link of user guide: 



According to page 4 of user guide, the output file structure should be something like attached pic_1



However, when I click the "Generate Example Design" button with preset configuration in IP Parameter Editor Pro, multi errors occurred (pic_2). 

The message said 'cannot run program "sys-script" (in driver\qii installed_path\version\ip\a;tera\altera_jesd204b\src\top)'. 


I've tried with QuartsII Prime Pro(30-Days Trial Version) 16.1,17.0 and 17.1. All of these versions having the same error messages and I can't have completed designed example shown as user guide.  


And of course, I tried to re-installed all these three versions but have no luck.  

Did I miss anything or there's other plug/patch I could install? 

Thanks in advance!!!
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