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Execution of vlib Failed (Ubuntu 16.04)

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I have been running into an issue where I cannot run simulation because of some errors where it cannot find "vlib". It's running Quartus 17.1 Lite and Modelsim-Intel SE 10.5b on Ubuntu 16.04. 


I run from Quartus, and it automatically runs the simulation with a script, but gives me several errors. By the looks of it, the program is searching in a non-existent directory for .../linuxpe/vlib. I found that file in .../linuxaloem/vlib, but i don't understand why it's doing it that way. I had previously had to install a bunch of 32-bit libraries to get Modelsim to work at all. Is there something that needs changed or am i missing some libraries?: 

# do if {[file exists rtl_work]} {# vdel -lib rtl_work -all# }# vlib rtl_work# vmap work rtl_work# Model Technology ModelSim - Intel FPGA Edition vmap 10.5b Lib Mapping Utility 2016.10 Oct 5 2016# vmap work rtl_work # Copying /home/jakeros/intelFPGA_lite/17.1/modelsim_ase/linuxaloem/../modelsim.ini to modelsim.ini# Modifying modelsim.ini# # vlog -vlog01compat -work work +incdir+/media/sf_Shared1/fred {/media/sf_Shared1/fred/jaa721_processor.v}# Model Technology ModelSim - Intel FPGA Edition vlog 10.5b Compiler 2016.10 Oct 5 2016# Start time: 15:20:23 on Mar 20,2018# vlog -reportprogress 300 -vlog01compat -work work "+incdir+/media/sf_Shared1/fred" /media/sf_Shared1/fred/jaa721_processor.v # ** Error: (vlog-66) Execution of vlib failed. Please check the error log for more details.# sh: 1: /home/jakeros/intelFPGA_lite/17.1/modelsim_ase/linuxpe/vlib: not found# End time: 15:20:24 on Mar 20,2018, Elapsed time: 0:00:01# Errors: 1, Warnings: 0# ** Error: /home/jakeros/intelFPGA_lite/17.1/modelsim_ase/linuxaloem/vlog failed.# Error in macro ./ line 8# /home/jakeros/intelFPGA_lite/17.1/modelsim_ase/linuxaloem/vlog failed.# while executing# "vlog -vlog01compat -work work +incdir+/media/sf_Shared1/fred {/media/sf_Shared1/fred/jaa721_processor.v}"
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Did you find a solution?


I fixed this by making a symbolic link to direct the linuxpe folder to linuxaloem, as follows:

> cd <install dir>/intelFPGA_lite/17.1/modelsim_ase

> sudo ln -s linuxaloem linuxpe