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Expoting Signal Tap waveform data with a format .csv



I have a large data on signal tap currently displaying on Quartus pro "signal tap logic analyzer" gui window. I want that waveform data to be verified on some other tool like excel. I do exporting this data with a .csv format with a clock period of 1 sec. As expected a file stp1.csv was exported into my directory.

I opened this .csv file with an excel tool. but my problem became more complex because of data shown in bit blasting . like I have a data bus of 256 bit wide (reg [255:0] bus) shown separately as bus[0],bus[1] on bus[255] in different excel cells.

so, question is how easily i can crosscheck my results, i want every bus to be preserved together without bit blasting. or anyother method or settings change needed to accomplish what am i looking for ?




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In Signal Tap, how do you have the bus displayed on the Waveform tab?  If the bus group is collapsed, you can right-click the bus group and select the hex display format, for example, and the .csv should reflect this, which I presume is what you want so you don't have to see each individual bit.

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My multi_bit signals are displaying as multi_bit only in signal tap. I can verify my waveform data by zooming in and zooming out on signal tap GUI and verified hex data. but I cant do this for a 100's of clock data. for this reason I tried exporting to .csv format . but there everything shown in single bit.

In breif

In verilog RTL : my concerned bus is : reg [255:0] km_bus;

In SignalTap Gui: I selected and added this 256 bus into my signal tap window and went for compilation. After compilation , programming and after met trigger condition, my 256 bus stayed as 256 bus only. no issues here. i can see my hex data directly and verified.

In .csv exported file: I see km_bus[0],km_bus[1],km_bus[2].....km_bus[255] mentioned column wise in different excel cells.

Irrelevant to this post. but i want to mention here. I exported .vcd file and converted to .wlf file with modelsim and read by  modelsim. In vsim wavewindow all bus bits are collapsed(bit blasted). Its really difficult to combine those and look for hex data. And in Excel i dont know how to merge cells to get hex data.


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Sorry for the delay in response. Do you able to solve this issue by yourself? 
Do you need further help on this? 

Perhaps you can try to combine data using the CONCAT function in the excel, to get the hex data.
1. Select the cell where you want to put the combined data.
2. Type =CONCAT(.
3. Select the cells you want to combine. An example might be =CONCAT(A2:A10).

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