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GPIO voltage frequency does not match PLL clock output

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I am using a DE0 Nano, which has a 50MHz clock. In Quartus, this clock is the input to a PLL which has an output clock frequency of 1000MHz. This compiles. The clock is input to Verilog code that sends an alternating 1 and 0 bit to a GPIO pin on the clock's rising edge. When I examine the voltage output on the scope I get a square wave with a frequency of 375kHz. Why is this?  


How can I ensure that the output on the GPIO has the same frequency as my PLL clock? 


If this is a hardware issue, what is an Altera board that has GPIO pins that can support voltage frequencies at 200MHz or above? The higher the better. 


Here is my Verilog Code: 

module code(input clock, output reg sig); 



`define PKTLEN 8 

localparam PKTLEN = `PKTLEN; 

reg [0:PKTLEN-1] mag = `PKTLEN 'b10101010; 

reg [31:0] i = 0; 



always@(posedge clock) 




sig = mag[i]; 



if (i < PKTLEN-1) begin 

i = i+1; 

end else begin 






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