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Generating QSYS from Command Line

I am running Quartus 11.1 to deal with an old design. I added a UART to the design and went to re-generate the file and it won't let me. The system says that it can't generate because "The system must be saved before generating". However, every time I save it and try to generate, it still gives the same error. I found that this is a bug in the old versions of Quartus, and that the workaround is to "generate the system from a DOS / Linux command prompt using the ip-generate command, after copying the ip-generate command for your system from the generation log." (link (  


I'm not sure how to do this and I can't find information that gets me to the solution. Can someone tell me how I perform this operation from the DOS Command Line? Which directory do I call ip-generate from, which parameters do I include, and how should the syntax look? I'd like to generate a .qip file. 


My project directory is C:\Users\michael\Desktop\Altera\altera_multi (this is where my .qsys file is located. It is called nios2sys_sopc.qsys) 

The ip-generate.exe file is located in C:\altera\11.1\quartus\sopc_builder\bin 


Thanks for the help.
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