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Hanging compilation- analysis and synthesis does not progress past 47%


I am currently unable to compile- compilation hangs specifically at 47% (or occasionally 65%) completion of the "Analysis and Synthesis" step. Compilation will not continue past these points, even if left for long periods of time (>12Hrs.).  No error messages are reported, and compilation timer continues to count.


This behavior is consistent across multiple projects that are proven to compile without issue on other computers.


I am using Quatus Prime Standard Edition 17.0.2


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Curious if this is an issues that others have encountered and rectified in the past.


Thank you!

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The first thing to try is to close Quartus and trash the db and incremental_db folders for the project. Then reopen Quartus and try recompiling.




This did seem to do the trick- Great to know going forward. Thank you very much for the assistance!


Additionally valuable to note is that the issues that I encountered may be a byproduct of using Github as a means of version control- potentially due to the .gitignore file that I use that disregards both the db and incremental_db folders.