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How can I use the USB blaster I or II in order to run boundary scan on my Arria V?


I have the JTAG live buzz application which is supposed to work with USB blaster but does not recognize it. Is it possible to fix this problem or is there any tool in Quartus prime for boundary scanning with the blaster?


Any instructions or application note will be appriated.

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Hi KMich2,


The Quartus programmer and USB blaster I or II tools main function is to program the .sof /pof file into the FPGA/CPLD devices or to debug design issue using the built-in debugging tools such as SignalTap, JTAG chain debugger, System Console and etc. However Quartus programmer and USB blaster I or II does not have the capability to perform BST (boundary scan testing). The Quartus programmer is not built with the algorithm to perform BST operation.


We do not provide support to test or validate any 3rd party tools with our devices. If users want to perform BST, they can find and contact 3rd party boundary-scan tools vendors that support Intel FPGA/CPLD ISP-based devices in the following link:




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