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How do I ensure I receive my license for Quartus II 14.1 Web Edition?


I have created this account and for the past two weeks, I have attempted to apply for a license to use Quartus. It says I have completed all the steps, though when I open the page the next time, it lets me fill it out again.


I have filled out the form at least three or four times for the past two weeks. Each time, it tells me my license will be delivered within 24 hours, but I have received no e-mails aside from my first verification e-mail that confirms my e-mail was not typed incorrectly.


I looked at the FAQ and have attempted to search for a license history section as an alternative, but I am unable to find a license with the link provided either.


I would appreciate any help in receiving my license e-mailing to me if possible, thank you.

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Is there a reason why you need an old version of the software?


Also, I don't believe the Web edition should require a license. I know the current Lite editions do not.



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Welcome to INTEL forum. Apologize for the inconvenience. Based on my understanding, Quartus 14.1 Web Edition is a free version and don’t require license.

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