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How do I fix or workaround the Quartus Altera IP Catalog tool crashing when I use it?


I'm currently working in Quartus Prime 18 Build 614 04/24/2018 SJ Lite Edition on Fedora 28 with Linux Kernel version 4.16.3-301. Whenever I try to open the Quartus IP Catalog tool to add an Altera Phase Locked Loop module the tool crashes mid-way. Specifically the tool crashes when I try to change a value or click next to go to the next set of configurations in the IP Catalog tool for the PLL. If someone could point me to a thread with a solution or provide some aid it would be very appreciated

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Hi PEgan,


Please use the official supporting Linux-based OS for Quartus Prime software tools such as Red Hat Enterprise, SUSE and Ubuntu. You can refer to the following link which listed all the supporting OS. Fedora Linux-based OS is not listed the supporting OS for Quartus Prime software tools.