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How to disable SDRAM ECC Check at bootup without manually editing the preloader source in 14.1 or later?


Hi All,


I would like to disable the ECC check which occurs at the beginning of the Cyclone V boot process in order to save boot time. However, the only way I currently know how to do this is to edit the "CONFIG_HPS_SDR_CTRLCFG_CTRLCFG_ECCEN" and "CONFIG_HPS_SDR_CTRLCFG_CTRLCFG_ECCCORREN" defines to "0" within the file "board/altera/socfpga_cyclone5/sdram/sdram_config.h" prior to building the preloader. This is annoying because the values get reset if I regenerate the BSP settings.


Is there a way to disable this check in either Quartus or the BSP Editor without manually modifying the preloader source?

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Hi there,


Is it possible for you to share the boot-log? Are you trying to disable the ECC?




If you want to disable ECC, you can disable it in Qsys/Platform Designer, then the preloader will also disable it.


If you want to enable ECC, BUT disable the ECC checking, I am unsure if this is possible using the BSP Editor to generate, you may need to generate your own custom preloader.


You may read the preloader customization information here, it's helpful: