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How to implement a module for accessing single block of on-chip memory in systemverilog?


Let say I want to model a 8 x 1024 bits Ram.

I can generate a Single Port Ram Module from IP Catalog.

I can access the on-chip memory via a single instance of this "Single Port Ram" module.

However, I have multiple modules which may access this single block of on-chip memory.

By creating multiple instances of "Single Port Ram", it actually instantiate duplicated blocks of on-chip memory per "Single Port Ram" module.


So, I am look for a real example in systemverilog on how to model a module for accessing a single block of on-chip memory by multiple instances of modules.


Please kindly help.

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You need an arbiter. With multiple masters for a single ram, you need some logic to decide who gets to access the ram in any given cycle.


for example:

always @(posedge clk) begin if (we(0) ) begin mem_we <= we[0]; mem_din <= din[0]; end else begin mem_we <= we[1]; mem_din <= din[1]; end end

Here, channel 0 has priority over channel 1. With several masters, arbitration schemes can get more complicated - modes like round-robin or lowest port priority are pretty common.

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Sorry about that if I didn't clearly state the issue here. The real problem is : I cannot instantiate two modules for accessing single block of memory.


Let say I have a single port ram module:

module single_port_ram ( input [15:0] data, input [7:0] addr, input we, clk, output [15:0] q );   // Declare the RAM variable reg [15:0] ram[63:0]; // Variable to hold the registered read address reg [7:0] addr_reg; always @ (posedge clk) begin // Write if (we) ram[addr] <= data; addr_reg <= addr; end // Continuous assignment implies read returns NEW data. // This is the natural behavior of the TriMatrix memory // blocks in Single Port mode. assign q = ram[addr_reg]; endmodule


I have a top module which connect to two single_port_ram modules for reading 16 bits data at addr1 and addr2 respectively.

logic[15:0] data1, data2; logic[7:0] addr1, addr2; logic[15:0] out1, out2;   single_port_ram ram1 ( data(data1), addr(addr1), we(0), clk(clk), q(out1) );   single_port_ram ram2 ( data(data2), addr(addr2), we(0), clk(clk), q(out2) );

You can see ram1 and ram2 are actually TWO separated ram blocks (which is not my intent) as I declare the single_port_ram module twice.


What I want to do is : to have a single module (probably with port interface?) for accessing SINGLE block of memory so that I can create multiple instances of this module in different top modules for accessing same block of memory.


A stackoverflow user had the same issue and someone suggest to create port interface.


Since I am new to systemverilog, I am looking for a real example which can illustrate how it works.





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