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How to keep and load different versions of a project (.sof file)?

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Hi there, 

I am developing a project and and I want to keep different version of the project when I change source code. 

What I did is that I compile the project, get the .sof file and change it name to something_versionx.sof so that next time if I change the source code and recompile, I still have the .sof file of the old versions. But I don't really know if keeping only the .sof file is enough to configure and program the FPGA or not ? in other words, does a .sof file contain all the necessary information and represent the whole project? 

If it does, then how to load different versions of the .sof files using tcl script for automating the process? I tried: 

% get_service_paths plugin  

% set design_plugin [lindex [get_service_paths plugin] 2]  

% plugin_enable $design_plugin  

% set device_path [lindex [get_service_paths device] 0]  

% design_load $project_path 

% set design_path [lindex [get_service_paths design] 0] 

% design_link $design_path $device_path  


But it keeps saying error: 


SEVERE: Device /devices/5CE(BA4|FA4)@1#USB-0 is not compatible with design /designs/AES1800FPGA.qsf 

Device /devices/5CE(BA4|FA4)@1#USB-0 is not compatible with design /designs/AES1800FPGA.qsf 

while executing 

"design_link {/designs/AES1800FPGA.qsf} {/devices/5CE(BA4|FA4)@1#USB-0}" 

while executing 

"design_link $design_path $device_path" 


Do you guys have any ideas how to fix this? 


Thank you!
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Anyone has any clues ?