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How to manually set pre-emphasis parameters in qsf file for Stratix 10 transceivers?


I have a Low Latency 100G Ethernet IP in my design and I would like to manually set VOA, pre-tap, and post-tap for the 4 TX lanes. However Quartus 19.1 gave me error.

The settings I used in the project qsf files are

What is the correct way to do it?


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Hi Jun Li, As I understand it, you observe some problem when trying to assign the PMA analog settings for the S10 XVCRs. By merely looking at the error messages, it might be due to the specific combination that you are using are not valid. Just would like to check with you which device ie L-tile or H-Tile or E-tile are you using? If you are using L/H-Tile devices, you may try with the Intel Stratix 10 L-Tile/H-Tile Pre-emphasis and Output Swing Estimator ( to check on the valid combination for pre-emphasis and VOD. Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you. Best regards, Chee Pin
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