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How to program an Ethernet switch in HLS (C/C++)?

I am new in FPGA and got the task to develop an Ethernet switch in HLS and I don't know how to do it. Is there any example code?

Here are the requirements for the implementation:

- 1Gbit/s at 62.5MHz is 1-2 clocks per 32bit word.
- External interfaces 3 x Axistream RX and 3 x Axistream TX
- Axistream Word consists of 32bit + 4bit keep + 1bit last
- The frames contain no preamble and no frame check sum only Ethernet headers with payload.
- The routing or switching decision should be completely static (no learning).
- The interfaces should be assigned a static MAC address manually.
- Packets with the corresponding destination address are forwarded to the corresponding interface.
- Furthermore, it should be possible to set an interface as default. All packets with unknown MAC addresses are sent to this interface.


How should the top-level function look like?


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