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How to program encrypted pof file from command line?


We have finished project implemented in Quartus 17 for 10M25DAF484 device. The final bitstream is encrypted. Currently, we use Quartus Programmer GUI, to program each device. However, we would like to implement command line tool which would program fpga automatically.


When I configure FPGA with non-encrypted design by


quartus_pgm -m JTAG -o "p;bitstream.pof"


and run the tests I see that the FPGA works correctly as programmed. However, when I try to use encrypted bitstream,

I program ekp file by


quartus_pgm -k -m JTAG -o "p;key.ekp"


and than pof file by


quartus_pgm -m JTAG -o "p;bitstream_enc.pof"


Our tests fails. If I decide to run GUI programmer and verify bitstream, verification pass without issues, proving, that the programmer downloaded data correctly.


In Programmer GUI, we are merging ekp together with pof file (by right clicking on the pof file and selecting add ekp file).


I would like to know to do use same pof and ekp files I am using in GUI and program the FPGA from script. Therefore I need to know, how to do this ekp and pof merge in command line.


Best Regards,

Jan Kastil



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Hi Kastil,


I have same problem and I can't find any solution. Did you find a solution?


Best Regards,



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