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How to reserve nodes on quartus-II with qsf script

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Is there a way to reserve a single node (i.e a particular LUT or FF) so that it will not be used by Quartus-II during fitting and remains empty.  

I know how to reserve an entire LAB but I need to do it at a finer grain within each LAB. Is there a way to do that? I'm using Quartus-II 6.1 and working on a Cyclone-II. 


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I'm not aware of any direct way to reserve an individual LUT or register location within a LAB. 


If you are wanting a LAB to have certain nodes in it and want to reserve individual locations within the LAB just to keep everything else out, then could you put the nodes you do want there in a LogicLock region with "Reserve unused logic cells" enabled in the region properties? 


If you have some other reason for reserving an individual location, a description of the reason might make someone think of other suggestions.
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