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I would like to get a 60 days trial license for Quartus tool



we started working on an FPGA project employing Cyclon 10 devices. Basically our contractor does the implementation for us. After some time we found out that the Cyclon 10 devices are not powerful enough and we have to switch to Arria 10 devices.

For synthesis and P&R (fitting) we use the Quartus II software. For Cyclon the software is free of charge, but for Arria 10 we need a license.

Our contractor got a trial license for 60 days. They were able to bring out design into an Arria 10 device successfully.

Since we need to implement some minor modifications on our own sometimes, we would need a trial license as well. On the FPGA licensing support center I saw that it is possible to get a free trial license for 30 days. But since our contractor got a trial license for 60 days we would be pleased to get a 60 day trial license as well.

Would that be possible? What do I have to do to get the license?

We would need a single user floating license. Our compute-server is a Linux computer located in Switzerland. I'm working remote from Germany on the compute servers.

We plan to buy a full license next year.


Thanks and Regards,


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Hello Sir,


The Evaluation license is provided by our distributor. Kindly contact your nearest Intel sales person or distributor to request temporary 60-days evaluation license. Please find the contact for our sales and distributor near you from link below:

To purchase a valid license file. You can order by phone or buy on line.

To order by phone:

>>In the United States and Canada, call Telesales at 1-888-800-0631.

>>Outside the United States or Canada, contact your local sales representative or distributor.

Buy online.


Thanks, Ray   

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