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Is anybody else completely dissatisfied with this new forum?

This used to be a robust forum, lots of new questions everyday and, most impotantly, lots of responses. This new forum is clunky and time consuming to navigate. Nobody seems interested anymore. I used to check-in everyday to see what's new. Not any more.

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Highly recommend


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Community Manager

Hello all,

I just wanted to reply back on this old thread to let you all know we heard you and based on your feedback, we have moved our community to a new platform. 

Can you please come back and check out the site, see how you like it now? My job is to make sure you feel supported with our products and can easily get the help you need through this Community.

We hope you like this new experience but as always, we appreciate your input and feedback. I'm taking a list of other improvement ideas, such as widening the space available to read the posts, adding buttons to move to the bottom or top quickly... let me know anything else and we'll work on it.


Kind regards,

Mary T.

Support Community Manager

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I am new to the Intel FPGA forums but a long time user of the Xilinx FPGA forums.

Readability, graphics and features of the forum are things that may be disturbing in a forum but after some point people can cope with them and continue using a forum until they are eventually fixed.

For me what stands out the most is the lack of Community members or forum-dedicated Intel employees that will have the necessary expertise to provide solutions to users of new Intel and older Altera FPGAs. Some times it takes about half or even an hour to write down a question. What is the point for someone to take time and write down a question if he knows that this question will (with high probability) remain unanswered (either from community members or Intel's employees) and with low visibility?

In the last coupe of days I have literally open 20 tabs in my browser in Xilinx's forum to find an answer on a problem I am facing with a Synchronous interface in an Altera/Intel FPGA (although I took about 40mins to write my question here in the Intel's Forum but with no luck finding a solution yet). And chances are that I will upload it as a general question in Xilinx's forum in order to find my answer eventually there.

It is sad that Intel's community is not able to stand back and support their own products. I really really hope that this will change in the future. If I were to provide a solution, that would be to have employees with the necessary FPGA expertise, dedicated to provide solutions to the Forum users, until the community starts to gradually build its trust towards the forum again, starts using it more and eventually becomes self-preserving (in terms of providing solutions to users).

I hope that this as well as the answers of the rest of the community members will be able to provide you with the necessary feedback about the changes that we believe need to be made.

With respect,

p.s1: I really like the new feature with the badges that you introduced (similar to the one Xilinx has).

p.s2: In the posts I read in this thread several users are mentioning that older Forum members are not around anymore. I have noticed that the older threads from Altera Forum were ported to Intel's Forum, but when you open them the names of the members are removed and are replaced by an "Altera_Forum". Apart from removing the ability to understand the course of a conversation in a thread (all appear from the same user), this removes also from the legacy of the older users. If I was an old user with a reputation in a forum and suddenly this is all gone, why should I still use the forum? Maybe finding a way to address this, fix the names of the original members in the older posts (in order to give credit where is due), will enable you to get back in the Forum some of the trust of the older members.


In my case, I prefer the new one, for two reasons:

It is faster and it is easier to attach pictures.


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Hello MaryT_Intel,

One obvious thing which should be quite easy to fix is the broken links. I am, in particular, interested in the following one:  (from

Thanks in advance if you can solve this for me.

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@jorvaThat link (from 2013) was last captured by the wayback machine in 2015:

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


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@AlHill That's a great suggestion, it does seem to have the information I need. Thanks!


Back in the usenet days the comp.arch.fpga discussion group was very good. I don't use it anymore but the group is still around under the Google umbrella:!forum/comp.arch.fpga