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Is it possible to build a Programmer Object File(.pof) using a time limited SRAM object file(.sof)


I am trying out a Max10 Evaluation Kit (10M08SAE144) and building it with Quartus Prime Lite 19.1 + Nios2 Eclipse.


I want to initialize the on-chip flash using POF. However, when I try to make one from Convert Programmer File tool using the configuration as seen on the attached images, a "no input file" error pops out when I click generate.

I also noticed that after I closed Options/Boot info, a <top>.sof does not appear on the input file box, and neither manually uploading a SOF file works. Is it because the tool does not process time-limited files?


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It is possible to convert SOF to POF. May i know how do you do the conversion? Can you provide steps by steps? Also, you mentioned that the sof file has gone missing. Have you attached it at the first place?


Thank You




Thank you for responding. I found from this article that a time limited sof file is not allowed to be converted to pof. If the sof is not time limited by OpenCore plus, i think it should.


Here is what i did.

I am using a Max10 Evaluation Board for this.,


-Using Quartus Prime Lite, I created a project and under it I designed a qsys file using a Nios2 Processor, an On-chip Flash Memory, a JTAG UART, and some other peripherals, set their parameters and wired them accordingly.

-created a brd file to interface the qsys symbol to i/o pins

-compiled the project, which didn't have critical errors albeit with timing warnings. This is where the time limited sof file get produced, i think.

-assigned these pins to actual physical pins for clock and reset

-after these, using nios2 SBT for eclipse, i generated the BSP configurations and built the project

-then i also built the mem_init_generate files for the memory initialization hex files.

-then, in quartus prime lite, i ran the Convert Programmer file tools, and configured the tool as described earlier.


as for attaching the sof file, i tried to attach it by using the add file button which was the only button enabled.

i attached it but nothing got attached.


after seeing the link about time limited sof, i guess, it won't get attached. however, i dont have a non-time limited sof to check otherwise.



Hi Mikhail,


By right a non-time limited sof will be generated after the compilation. Unless there is compilation error, can you please check your folder?


Thank You.