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Issue with Quartus downloading ModelSim_SetUp and Spontaneous Freezing



Recently I have been having problems with Quartus where if I attempt to create a symbol file for a current file while my design schematic is open, displayed, and set as a top-level entity, the entire Quartus program will freeze and will not do anything else until I quit it. I have waited to see if anything would happen but to no avail. Also, I don't even get another window telling me what the issue is, just a complete freezing of the system. Is there any way this can be resolved, because it seems that it only happens when I try to perform that one function ("Create a symbol file for a current file")?

My other issue is that I cannot, for some reason, download a file called ModelSim_SetUp which is necessary for me to run simulations. I click on the link and it'll sometimes open another window that will then briefly close and that's it. No download pop-up, nothing. Is there something wrong with my browser that could be causing this issue, or maybe something else (I use Google Chrome by the way)?

Thank you!

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Please check whether do your hardware and software requirement is met. > Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing You might need to uninstall and install the latest supported Quartus version for your device. 

What is this ModelSim_SetUp file that you mentioned? Please help to share the link. 
Try using Chrome incognito mode or clear your browser cache/cookies. 

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