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MegaWizard Plug-In Manager hangs when making a PLL (Quartus II v14.1.1)

The following problem is completely repeatable: 


Within Quartus, in IP Catalog window (default position on right of screen)select: Installed IP -> Library -> Basic Functions -> Clocks; PLLs and Resets -> PLL -> ALTPLL 

dialog: Save IP Variation 

file name: /home/rac/FPGA/my_first_fpga/pll.v 

file type: Verilog 

window: MegaWizard Plug-In Manager [page 1 of 12]select speed grade: 6 

try to change the input clock frequency  



Nothing in the MegaWizard window is active, and if I cover/uncover it with another window, it won't update. 


I can eventually close the MegaWizard window using the close box in the upper right window frame.I then get the dialog: Metacity 

MegaWizard Plug-In Mnager [page 1 of 12] is not responding. 

choose Force Quit or Wait 


With a Force Quit, I am back in the Quartus main window and I can exit normally. 


My system and install: 


OS: Centos 6.6 (64-bit) fresh installwith all the Altera listed libraries installed except libzmq3.i686 (it wasn't in the repo) 

Quartus II version 14.1.1 (update 1)installed from downloaded files 



Another note: I get the exact same behavior with this Quartus on Linux Mint 17, and on two different computers. I installed Quartus on CentOS to see if there was some "magic" associated with the "approved" distribution. 


Thank you
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4 years later on Quartus 16 - Ubuntu 18.04 this issue still persists. and maximizig the window solves the issue

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