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Memory Bandwidth using HMC and HBM technologies

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I have read that HMC (Hybrid Memory cube) based memory technologies could produce memory bandwidths upto 75GB/s on Arria 10 devices. Which Arria 10 dev kit supports HMC based memory technology? I dont think Arria 10 GX dev kit supports HMC because I could only observe peak Memory bandwidth of 10GB/s.

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HMC is a more or less dead since GPU manufacturers (AMD and NVIDIA) adopted HBM instead and Micron could not sell enough HMC units to keep the production profitable. Nallatech's 510T board initially had the option of adding HMC to it but it seems they could not secure enough HMC units and in the end, they eliminated all references to the HMC option from the datasheet of the board are only selling the board without HMC right now. High-end Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale+ and also the Stratix 10 MX series FPGAs are going to have on-package HBM; however, I don't think they would sell those FPGAs to anyone other than high-profile buyers right now. As far as I know, there are no development boards with such FPGAs ready yet either. 


P.S. Altera's Arria 10 devkit has one bank of DDR3 and one bank of DDR4 memory, with only the DDR4 bank being supported in the OpenCL BSP. Hence the low memory bandwidth.