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Nallatech 385A Quartus Fitter Failed

Honored Contributor II

I could use some help compiling a fairly simple, Intel authored OpenCL kernel on a Nallatech 385A (GX1150). After about four hours after running the following command (or with the default board p385a_sch_ax115 and various other attempts) 


aoc -v -report -DALTERA_CL -DFPGA -board=p385a_min_ax115  


we get the following output: 


aoc: Environment checks are completed successfully. aoc: If necessary for the compile, your BAK files will be cached here: /var/tmp/aocl/gm78 You are now compiling the full flow!! aoc: Selected target board p385a_min_ax115 aoc: Running OpenCL parser.... aoc: OpenCL parser completed successfully. aoc: Optimizing and doing static analysis of code... aoc: Linking with IP library ... Checking if memory usage is larger than 100% !=========================================================================== ! The report below may be inaccurate. A more comprehensive ! resource usage report can be found at sha1/reports/report.html !=========================================================================== +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ ; Estimated Resource Usage Summary ; +----------------------------------------+---------------------------+ ; Resource + Usage ; +----------------------------------------+---------------------------+ ; Logic utilization ; 108% ; ; ALUTs ; 79% ; ; Dedicated logic registers ; 37% ; ; Memory blocks ; 42% ; ; DSP blocks ; 0% ; +----------------------------------------+---------------------------; aoc: First stage compilation completed successfully. Compiling for FPGA. This process may take a long time, please be patient. Error: Quartus Fitter has failed! Breaking execution... Error: Compiler Error, not able to generate hardware  


The end of quartus_sh_compile.log shows: 

Info: Command: quartus_cdb -t import_compile.tcl Info: Using INI file /home/gm78/intel/sha1_export_4_11_2018/device/sha1/quartus.ini Info: Checking for OpenCL SDK installation, environment should have INTELFPGAOCLSDKROOT defined Info: INTELFPGAOCLSDKROOT=/home/gm78/intelFPGA_pro/17.1/hld Info: Successfully completed BAK flow Info: To reduce compile time on future compiles, you can generate a BAK cache by adding the arguments '--bsp-flow regenerate_cache' to aoc to skip BAK Info: Retry strategy set to "retry-flat" Info: Initial preservation set to "final" Info (125061): Changed top-level design entity name to "top" Info (125061): Changed top-level design entity name to "kernel_system" Info (16677): Loading synthesized database Info (16734): Loading "synthesized" snapshot for partition "root_partition". Info (16678): Successfully loaded synthesized database: elapsed time is 00:00:22 Info: Performing a fit attempt Error: Quartus Fitter has failed! Breaking execution...  


Not sure which log(s) are relevant to tracking down the problem. Please let me know and I can post the additional information. 


Many thanks.
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Honored Contributor II

Logic utilization looks more than 100%. Usualy, when my logic utilization exceeds 90% I get the fit error. Try scalling down the device logic to 70% logic utilization and recompile it. This could also be because of less RAM in the host compile machine. Anyway you could first check the "quartus_sh_compile.log" to get first impressions about the compile error.

Honored Contributor II

The area report, especially the logic utilization, is heavily overestimated on Arria 10 and hence, we cannot really make any conclusions based on that. Please attach the full "quartus_sh_compile.log" file.

Honored Contributor II

After many many runs I determined the problem. It had to do with the amount of memory on the system ( 32 GiB ) and not enough swap space. I found this in the kernel log using: 


sudo cat /var/log/messages | grep -i quartus  


Increasing the swap space size and re-running the process proved successful. 


Thanks for the replies!