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NativeLink simulation flow was NOT successful


I am trying to integrate Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet IP into my design but I cannot simulate it. When I remove this IP, I can simulate successfully using ModelSim. The Quartus version that I use is: Quartus Prime Version 15.1.0 Standard Edition. The Triple-Speed Ethernet version is: Version 15.1. I am running Quartus on a Window 7 PC. 


I am getting the following message when I run RTL simulation from the Quartus gui: 


(see attached file: Capture.PNG) 


The actual report file in not where it is specified above, but I have found it at the same level as where the project is located. The content of this file is as follows: 



(see attached file: Capture1.PNG) 



I have no clue on what to do to fix this issue. 


Thanks in advance for your help. 


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Here are some more information: 

I've just found that I can no longer run any simulations (starting from Quartus) even if I remove all the Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet references. Something got changed somewhere and I do not know what to do. 

So, I have created a new project and add all the RTL code that I had, at the exception of the Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet module. Everything is working fine and I can start a simulation from Quartus. 

Then, I created a new instance for the Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet. This means that the new instance is now part of the Quartus project. I did not add the instantiation inside my RTL yet and this 

was good enough to trigger the same errors as described above. This means that the issue is caused by the creation of the IP itself. Does this give any clue to someone?
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