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Nios IDE Hangs


I am getting really frustrated with the Nios IDE tool which has simply stopped working. When I try to download a design onto my target hardware the download locks, the last line I see is on the console being 


nios2_terminal: (Use the IDE stop button or Ctrl-C to terminate) 


this is using Version 1.1 of the IDE. I went to version 7.1, but nothing would compile at all. Now I am using 6.1, this will download a design but after terminating a console I can not start a new session until I disconnect the USB cable fro the USB blaster. My USB drivers are up to date. Has anyone seen anything similar.  

Thanks in advance.
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I have never had something like that happen and the tool is extensively used by others.  


My suggestion is to remove everything related to NIOS Ide, probably also Quartus and reinstall it again. This time, only the latest version.  


It just occours to me: 

Check these instructions about setting correct environment variable, which apparently may not be entirely automatic: ( page 2.
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I also think its a Tools install/Operating system problem. What operating system are you using? Remove all Altera relating programs, check the environment variable have been cleared as well and reinstall in the default locations. Try to run a example project sent with the tools and see how you get on...

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Thanks Chaps, 


The OS is XP with SP 2. 


I have installed and unistalled every possible combination of the full set of Quartus 

tools many times, but the best I have arrived at is the current unhappy state 

of affairs using V6 of IDE. 


Only today - totally out of blue and without having tried any new instalations etc - IDE refused to download my build complaining about jdi files. I don't know what jdi files 

are but they may have something to do with the flash programmer - which I am not using. 

I had to once again uninstall the IDE, and then reinstall it again. It is now 

working, apart from my problem from the original post. 


I have been using Nios IDE for a over two years now and whilst it is great for getting 

test software up and running, I have a lot of issues with it. In particular the constant, 

varied and unrecoverable crashes. 


I am told the Xilinx stuff is even worse, so I suppose I am stuck with it.
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You are a documented user of Nios IDE so I take this opportunity: Could you have a look at my question in this thread: I just want to know if its my nios ide setup which is wrong, preventing lookup of declarations in syslib, or its a common problem. Sorry for this unusual approach, but for some reason no one has found it relevant to answer to my query. Thanks