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Not seeing Installed Devices


In our QPro 18, we have installed the Arria 10 and the Stratix 10 devices, but when start a new project, we can only select the free Cyclone 10 Device Family. Is there something special or extra that needs to be done in the install to see these devices?

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Hi SHumb,

It could be installation issue, check your installation directory does Arria 10 and the Stratix 10 devices are installed correctly.

If not, try to uninstall and re-install again.

Refer to the guidelines link below.


Do you have valid license to run Arria 10 and the Stratix 10 devices?

Because Arria 10 and Stratix 10 required license to run in Quartus Pro 18.

Kindly check the link below.



When I bring up the Install Devices menu, it says that all grayed out devices are already installed. And in the Install Devices menu, both Stratix 10 and Arria 10 are grayed out so they do seem to be installed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled them multiple times now so I am pretty confident that they are installed correctly.


As far as licenses, we are checking right now. It is possible that our licensing team has not given us proper licenses for QPro. It may be a few days before I hear back from them as they have to contact the vendor and the help from Intel for Altera products these days is not very good.