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OpenCL compiler warning about barrier although no barrier in the code



I am having this warning "compiler warning: limiting to 2 concurrent work_groups because threads might reach barrier out-of-order" when compiling my kernel. Here is part of my code:


__kernel void kernel1(__global int* restrict flag, __global int* restrict start, __global int* restrict end, __global volatile int* restrict producer_data){

int gid = get_global_id(0);

int sum = 0;

if(flag[gid] == 1){

for(int i = start[gid]; i< end[gid]; i++){


producer_data[gid] = sum;



write_channel_altera(c_id, gid);



I know the compiler will generate this warning when there is a barrier after the for loop (Since the header of my for loop depends on global id). However, there is no barrier in my code.


Is it because OpenCL enforce a work_item order for the channel writes? I tried locks for the channel write but it didn't work.  How to write the code when different work items are writing to the channel in a nondeterministic order?


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Your code is incomplete so I cannot test it myself. However, it is possible that the compiler assumes an implicit barrier at the end of the kernel.


The compiler automatically enforces sequential thread ordering when channels are used in NDRange kernels. I don't think this behavior can be influenced by the user. I don't think there is much point in trying to prevent this either.

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