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Plan to Make Pro Version Support ALL DEVICES ?


Apologies if there's other threads discussing this.

Is there a plan to make the Pro version of Quartus support all devices ?

If not, why not ?

Is there a workaround ?

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Hi Gary,


We are sorry to inform that there is no plan to support all devices in Pro. Quartus Pro was developed for the latest release of device. They are few reason for this


1) Quartus installer size will become to large in installation.

2) Developer are focusing much on latest device development and improvement.

3) Synthesis engine and fitter engine are different for Pro vs Std. Making changes will take developer a lot of time.

4) Most of the device in std are mature product.


Use Quartus Standard for your developer if you are using V series and lower, there are still some improvement in STD version if you refer to:

-> documentation links:

Quartus Prime Software and Device Support Release Notes (PDF)