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Prime Lite

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Hello, I'm trying to install the latest Quartus Prime Lite, free edition, on Ubuntu (17.10). Launching "./" works, but at the end of the Help installation, InstallBuilder hangs. If I re-run and omit the Help install, then at the end of ModelSIM the same happens again. 


My hunch is that in both cases InstallBuilder might be running into this bug described as fixed in version "17.10.0 2017-10-30" of InstallBuilder, see: installbuilder not fully exiting at end of installation on some linux environments ( - it looks like everything (except help) DID get installed, however. 


At this point, I'm unable to get past the license step, the online connection fails - but that's a different issue, I suppose. (


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Do you have admin or super user privilages in the Linux account, if you do not have then some installation scripts may hang or fail. I suggest you re-run the installation using the sudo command..  


sudo ./setup  


and check if it will go through this time. For the license setup, are you hosting the license in the same system or a different system? If its in the same system, then you need to point to the license.dat file via the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.  


export LM_LICENSE_FILE=<path to license file>  


and then press enter. Now invoke Quartus and it should be able to work. If its on another system, you need to have a floating license and start the license on that system using the lmgrd -c <path to license file> and then on your system set the LM_LICENSE_FILE parameter to point to <port>@localhost.localdomain