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Prime Lite 20.1.1 - Where is Megafunction wizard please?


Hi all,

I've recently started using Prime Lite 20.1.1 (after using v13.x in recent years).

However, when i place a megafunction device in my schematic design, i no longer see/get a prompt to use the megafunction wizard -  this is usually where i set the amount of bits needed and remove pin functions that i won't need etc. 

Has the Megafunction wizard completely gone? or do i have to re-enable it in a menu somewhere?

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All IP (no longer called megafunctions) are accessed from the IP Catalog.  If you don't see the IP Catalog, you can reopen it from the View menu.

When you add an IP by double-clicking, depending on the IP, you will either get the new IP Parameter Editor or you may still see the Megawizard on some IP, though that will probably eventually go away.


Hi sstrell,

ok, thanks.
When i double-click on an IP item (e.g. lpm_counter) it opens a window prompting me to "Save IP variation". it doesn't mean anything to me.
How do i actually place an IP function from the IP list on the right into my schematic design?

Additionally, as i look through the IP listing, there doesn't seem to be too many components to use when i compare it to the component listing in the normal 'place component' window.

Am i completely missing something? or do i have to go back to Quartus 13 to use the 100's of devices that i'm used to?

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There is a difference between what you see in the schematic editor and what you see in the IP Catalog.  Parts in the schematic editor are mostly pretty basic, primitives and other simple logic that can be added to a schematic without any parameterization required.

For more complex IP and customization of IP before adding to HDL code or a schematic, you create and parameterize an IP variant (a unique instance of the IP; you give the variant a custom name when you create it) from the IP catalog.  In the process of doing this, the IP Parameter Editor or Megawizard will create a .bsf file (a schematic symbol file) if you enable the option so you can add the parameterized IP to your schematic.  The Megawizard has a checkbox to enable creation of this file while the IP Parameter Editor has an option to create this file when you generate the IP at the completion of parameterization.



You see the "Save IP Variation" prompt because this IP is not available in your project library so this will generate the required files for this IP to work. Once you save the IP variation you will be prompted to edit the parameters of this IP on the MegaWizard. You can find the IP symbol in the "Project" library.