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Problem with parameters when instantiating custom build component

Hi to all 


I'm new here, so I hope this is the right Forum... 


I have a problem with a self made IP Component. I wrote the code in VHDL and build a Custom Component out of the *.vhd with Qsys.  

The component has four Parameters. In my Qsys System I added four instantianons of the Component. They should have different  


So here's the Problem. When alle the parameters are the same, the System can be generated and compiled in Quartus Prime 16.1.  

When I differ only the first of the parameters Qsys generates a system_... .vhd file in the \System\synthesis folder of my project for every different instance and  

i can generate and compile everything.  

But when only the second, third or fourth parameter variates, Qsys generates only one system...vhd file. Generating the system works 

fine, but when I want to compile my project in Quartus the following message appears: 


Error (10652): VHDL Assertion Statement at system_sinc_u_os_1.vhd(65): assertion is false - report "Supplied generics do not match expected generics" (FAILURE or ERROR) 

Error (12152): Can't elaborate user hierarchy "soc_ent:inst|System:u0|system_sinc_u_os_1:sinc_u_os_2" 


Why does Qsys check only the first parameter on differences? Can i force Qsys to generate a System_...vhd for every instance of my component? 

Or did i do anything else wrong? 


Looking forward to answers. Thanks. 


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Weird. I presume each instance of the custom component in the Qsys system has its own unique name. 


How did you set up the parameters in the Component Editor? They must all be set to editable. How are the parameters set up?
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yes each componet has its own unique name. The parameters are all set to editable. The name, the default value and the type were automatically written from my *.vhd file while analyzing. And I haven't changed them. They have no Group. I only added a tooltip to two of them.
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Googling the error message "Supplied generics do not match expected generics" produced this: 


So this appears to be a problem with Qsys. The described workaround is pretty involved, but at least there is one!
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No, you should not have to do all that. Is there any way the generics are getting overridden by something higher up in the component's hierarchy? 


Can you post the VHDL code for the generics and maybe a screenshot of the Parameters tab in the Component Editor?
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Thanks for your efforts. 


@rsefton: Thanks for the link. I thought about changing the files manually before, but I really want to avoid this steps. Because they have to  

de done again and again every time I regenerate the system... So I hope there is an other solution. 


@ sstrell: As i see it right, there is nothing higher in the components hierarchy. Here is the generics part of the *.vhd. And I attached a picture of the 

parameters in the Component Editor and one where you can see how they are instantiatet in the Qsys System.  




library IEEE; 

use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; 

use IEEE.numeric_std.all; 


library work; 

use work.SINC_pkg.all; 



entity APB_SINC is 

generic ( 

MSB : integer := 16;  

OSR : integer := 100; 

CTRL : integer := 2;  

ORDER : integer := 3 


port ( 

PCLK : in std_logic; 

PRESETn : in std_logic; 

PENABLE : in std_logic; 

PSEL : in std_logic; 

PADDR : in std_logic_vector(4 downto 0); 

PWRITE : in std_logic; 

PWDATA : in std_logic_vector(31 downto 0); 

PRDATA : out std_logic_vector(31 downto 0); 

PREADY : out std_logic; 

PSLVERR : out std_logic; 

IOMAESDATA : in std_logic; 

IOMEASCLK : in std_logic; 

IOMEASVALUE : out std_logic_vector(MSB-1 downto 0) 


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Here is an update to my Problem. I build another custom component with generics. And this one works fine. I have also instantiated it a few times.  

When generating the System Qsys doesn't generate those system_... .vhd files in the \System\synthesis folder of my project. It refers directly to the component 

within my VHDL Script. 

I checked all the differences between the new component that works and the older one which doesn't. But i found no mistake. I'm really in a bad end with this.  


Does anyone know what triggers the generating of this system_... .vhd files in the \System\synthesis folder???