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Programmer fails at 45%, JTAG ID suddenly 0x00000000


I'm encountering a weird issue when trying to program my Cyclone V GT FPGA Development Board.

I have generated my .sof file, and I am attempting to upload it. The programmer identifies the FPGA and quickly gets to 44-45% progress, hangs for 5-10 seconds, and then gives the error shown below:


I have other .sof files that I am able to program the board with - this is the only file where the error occurs. While this design is larger than things I have previously uploaded, it only takes up ~40% of device resources, so I don't see that this should be an issue.

Any and all recommendations are gladly accepted. Thank you!

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It could just be a bad file.  Maybe you can just rerun the Assembler and generate a new file.  If it still doesn't work, I'd try a full recompile.