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Q about SOPC Builder and IRQs

Hi all: 


Is it possible to use IRQs in a SOPC system without a Nios? I have two custom avalon components, one is a master, and one is a slave. I would like the slave to respond to rotary encoder input pins, assert an IRQ to the master, and then have the master do something (like read the slave's status register or something) 


In SOPC builder, my master's Base and End IRQs show up as IRQ -1. I have never seen this before.. In another project, I have a Nios CPU and its Base and End show up as IRQ 0 and IRQ 31 respectively. 


The input pins appear to be reaching the slave, but no IRQ activity is seen (ie it's always LO) 


I am using v7.1. 


I can upload the project if need be. 


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