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Q18.0 Transceiver Tool Kit for a C10GX 10G xcvr


Used the 10G MAC design example and checked off the required options in 'Dynamic Reconfiguration' tab.

Error mssg -

TTK failed reading from PHY slave_2000, cannot enable TTK functionality for the PHY. Please verify the reconfig_clk is running and ensure the PHY is not stuck in reset.

Same mssg for second PHY = PHY slave_4000


I have verified that the reconfig_clk is running and not stuck in reset, what else can I check? Not sure how the PHY_2000 _4000 are assigned but I do have 2 PHYs. Thanks.

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Hi Patrick, As I understand it, you have some inquiries related to the C10GX TTK. To ensure we are on the same page, just would like to check with you which specific IP that you are using for the 10G MAC? And also please help to refer me to the link of the 10G MAC design example so that I can have further understanding. thank you.
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